Miss Syleena

The show is hosted by me, Miss Syleena. I have been reading tarot and practicing Wicca for almost 20 years.

I was born in the multicultural city of Seattle. I have been very lucky to grow up in a place where I have always felt free to practice my path, no matter what the path may have been at that time. My hereditary background is very mixed though I am mostly of Norse and American Indian (Chippewa Turtle Mountain Band) heritage. Both sides of my genealogy share familial and ancestral magic and clairvoyance. Though my mother is a Roman Catholic and my father a Lutheran to Catholic convert, there is no denying the strong pull of clairvoyance that seeped through the gene line and grabbed me. I spent many years after that trying to make sense of things I could see and feel that no one else could.

From then I walked every religious path and ended up settling in Wicca by the age of twenty-five. I found Gardnerian Wicca to be very comfortable for me. Perhaps with its deep roots in ritualism, I wasn’t too far off from my childhood. Insert smiley face here. I started to dabble in Tarot at the age of twenty and began giving tarot readings professionally soon after.

Currently, I am the High Priestess of a British Traditional Wiccan Church called Triple Goddess Coven. Along with my radio show and tarot readings I perform public duties of Minister such as marriages, funerals, wiccanings and many other milestones. If I can help with any of these services please contact me!

My goal with this radio show is to have a voice for my path and help others in theirs. There are still Witches out there who live in the proverbial broom closet and only let their cat know that they are Wiccans. Nothing changes the minds of people if you act like you are scared or ashamed of your own religion. This country was founded on heroes that fought for our civil liberties. Maybe those in the broom closet will someday find their way out.

I hope to see you on the path to dedication.

Merry Part & Blessed Be ~ Miss Syleena

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